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Art Clay Product Information
Art Clay Drying and Firing Guide
Attaching and Setting Stones
Characteristics of Gemstones
Choosing Enamels for Metal Clay
Firing Art Clay Silver with a Butane Torch
Firing Gemstones and Natural Stones
Gold Paste Instructions and Tips
How to Use Cork Clay
Kumihimo Instructions
Liver of Sulfur Technique
Melting Points of Selected Metals
Painting Pictures with Filigree
Paper Type Applique Technique
Photopolymer Sheet Instructions
PMC Product Information
Pre–Fired Ring Size
Temperature Conversion to Standard Pyrometric Cones
Using Paper Type Alone
UV Cure Resing Instructions and Information
Vitrea 160 Transparent Paints Instructions

Art Clay Society Member Websites

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AM Collection - Arlene Mornick
Metal Clay Alchemist - Carrie Steele
Aryzenworld - Shruti Dev
Beadangled - Lyle Rayfield
BeadLover - Sharon Rogow
Brea Bead Works - Wendy & Scott Remmers
Cindy Pankopf Designs & Workshops - Cindy Pankopf
Fussy Finery - Deb Wojnarowski
KB Paris - Kenji
Leav Bolender Repurposed Jewelry - Leav Bolender - David Nemeth

Metal Clay Arts - Donna Lewis
Metal Clay Today - Tes Shea and Arli Wolfson
Pam Day Designs - Pam Day
Pam East Fine Art Jewelry & Instruction - Pam East
Silverclay - Petra Wennberg
TesS - Tes Shea
The Little Bead Shop - Emma Baird
Val Lewis Idyllic Arts - Val Lewis
Zeffers Farm Studios - Trish Jeffers-Zeh





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