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Personalized mugs are some of the most popular gifts among tourists and there is a nice selection of such souvenirs in any gift shop throughout the country. But not all mugs are the same. I usually order personalized stuff at Personalization Mall or Etsy. It is not that expensive, especially when you use coupons from at checkout. And it's definitely cheaper that buying mugs at the gift shops where products tend to be overpriced, but… When it come to finding really exclusive and artfully created pottery item there is no better place than small shops located right near the major tourist attractions. That is why I always bring home from my trips some handmade gifts you will hardly find elsewhere.

Personalized Sedona Arizona Mugs

During my most recent trip to Arizona I found these cute, personalized Sedona Arizona mugs. There is such a huge selection of names on the cups that you are sure to find the name of your friend or relative there, or you can order your mug right in the store.

Handmade Handpainted Mugs by Mara

But the real treasure waited for me in one of the gift shops where I discovered Stoneware by Mara. The design of her ceramics is simplified and is a fusion of realism and abstraction.

Stoneware by Mara Ceramics

A sculptor, artists and a ceramicist, Mara creates unique tableware with each piece painted by hand using a brush and a stylus.

Flower Design Handmade Mugs

Mara's original ceramics is usually decorated with images of flowers, butterflies, birds and geometric shaped.

Rustic Clay Mugs

She uses lead free glazes during the ceramics production and fires it at high temperatures, creating functional and exclusive pieces of art that you can use in the dishwasher and microwave oven.

Handmade Clay Angel Figurines

Apart from mugs there is a nice selection of pots, jugs and blessing bowls available for sale. Angels and other spiritual gifts by Jeremy Diller really stand out.

Handmade Pottery

He produces Arizona pottery and cute clay angels and then paints them by hand. They will also make perfect one-of-the-kind gifts since each item is unique.

Cactus Design Mugs

A symbol of Arizona, cactus is the popular decorative element found in many handmade gifts. The choice is incredible, and the range of designs is impressive too, so everyone is sure to find somethingtruly special. I purchased several mugs for my friends there and I'm sure they will make perfect gifts.

Live Cactus in Plant Pots

There are even live cactuses in cute decorative plant pots that would make an excellent gift too!

Arizona Landscape Mugs

Now I have a nice collection of gifts that symbolize Arizona, all ready to be presented on coming back home. For me I chose the mugs with Arizona landscape all ever it. With those brick red mountains on the dark blue background,it will remind me about the scenic beauty of Sedona area and will inspire for another road trip.

Stylish Handmade Mugs